”We accomplish something collectively, that we could not accomplish separately.”


ACRC Studies is an investigator site, specializing in Phase II-IV pharmaceutical and device studies. Our location within Gateway Medical Center offers Rheumatology Care and complements it with diagnostic and nutrition services, allows us to offer a distinct level of service to the medical research community. This is the result of over 15 years of collective experience in the fields of medicine and clinical trials.
ACRC Studies is comprised of community based Investigators dedicated to overseeing all aspects of the clinical trials plus an experienced team of clinical research professionals focusing on quality research data while recognizing that speed, responsiveness and accountability are also core needs of our clients.
The key to our success has been our location within existing clinical practice. Our primary source of research subjects is the patients seen in our clinic setting. More than 90% of the patients come from the clinic. Our secondary sources are community based advertising and a research data bank. ACRC Studies’ expertise and local clinical site provide our sponsors with consistent subject enrollment, evaluable patients with complete and accurate data.
If you are a patient and would like to participate in one of our on-going studies or Sponsor and would like to place your study with our site, please contact me directly at (619) 861-5314 or email me at research@acrmed.com

Hakim Mohamed, DBA, MBA
ACRC Studies – Co-Founder/ CEO

Please contact me directly at:
(619) 861-5314 
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