Dorinda (Dori) Smith, M.S.


Virginia Tech | Masters, Immunology & Environmental Toxicology | Graduated 1998.
National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences | PhD Fellowship |

Dorinda (Dori) Smith, M.S.

Functional Nutritionist – Autoimmune Research Scientist

Dori Smith is a Functional Nutritionist and Autoimmune Research Scientist.

She graduated from Virginia Tech with a Masters degree in Immunology & Environmental Toxicology in 1998 and she received her PhD Fellowship at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences shortly afterward. During her training Dori won first place at Virginia Tech’s science fair for her NIH funded research developing new immunotoxicology assays, and co-authored five papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals, including a review of “Immunology and Autoimmunity” in Environmental Health Perspectives.

13 years into her career as a research scientist, Dori suffered a major life crisis:  Her own autoimmune disease.  Within a few years she was diagnosed with Systemic Sclerosis and Fibromyalgia, and later developed Arthritis, Addison’s Disease, Thyroiditis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease, Osteopenia, Polymyositis and more, eventually succumbing to debilitating disability.  Dori lost her career, and it seemed her life’s purpose, for over 10 years.

But that’s not the end of her story.  Through a truly miraculous event, Dori found the science of Functional Medicine, and it completely changed her life.

A self-professed geek at heart, Dori voraciously researched the new medical breakthroughs of functional medicine for nearly three years, all while applying the validated scientific protocols to her own healing.  With the help of her dedicated team of functional medicine practitioners, Dori is on her own path to true wellness, with remarkable results.  She is in near complete remission of all her autoimmune conditions and is getting her life and career back. 

Dori consults with Arthritis Care & Research Center, to alleviate suffering by bringing the healing truth of functional medicine to the forefront of society.  She speaks publicly and employs internet webinars and telemedicine consultations to educate people in how to prevent and heal from chronic illness, and serves as a scientific health coach to walk with others on their journey to vibrant health.